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Where Do You Find Pampers Codes for 2013?

Where Do You Find Pampers Codes for 2013?

pampers villageIf you have been a loyal patron of Pampers products such as diapers and wipes, you might want to sign up for Pampers Village and get rewards for the continuous patronage. Did you know that Pampers has released Gifts to Grow, a rewards system that allows you to collect points and exchange them for freebies and a chance to go on a Caribbean tour?

The Gifts to Grow program of Pampers is up to December 14th, 2014, so if you are not a member of the Pampers Village yet, it is time to head over to the official registration page and sign up. All you have to do is to fill out an application form and provide Pampers with a valid e-mail address. Once registration is complete, you can start collecting points. Just signing up will give you 100 points for free.

Where can you find and get Pampers codes for 2013?

pampers codeThere are two general ways that you can do. The first one is the most common one, which is to buy products manufactured or distributed by Pampers. Inside these products, you’ll find either a 10- or 15-digit code which you’ll need to enter in your account.

You’ll find this code printed on a white strip on either side of the product’s packaging. For diapers sold in a bag, you can find the code on the inside surface. For diapers in a box, the code is located on the surface of the bags. For wipes, the code is on top of the lid or on the outside surface of refills.

So when you open the product, do it gently. If not, this might damage the code or deem it unreadable. You can enter this code in either of these ways: by logging in at, through a mobile app, and through your mobile phone.

According to the official website of Pampers’ Gifts to Grow, the following are the products where you can find codes in.

- diapers (Swaddlers, Swaddlers Sensitive, Cruisers, Baby-Dry, Extra Protection)
- wipes (Sensitive, Baby Fresh, Natural Clean)
- pants for boys and girls (Easy Ups Trainers, UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear)
- swim pants for boys and girls (Splashers Swim Pants)

Aside from Pampers products, you can also get bonus points by frequenting coupon sites and blogs such as From time to time, these sites offer bonus points without having to purchase any product. The points offered for free vary. Some are good for 5 points, while others are good for 20 points. But the most common is 10 points.

These websites also update everyone with the rewards that are available to be redeemed. shutterfly photobookSome of the new rewards include the following:

- a free photo book from Shutterfly
- donation to tornado victims

To redeem your points, just head over to and log into your account. Then, in the “Gifts to Grow” tab, choose the reward you want to exchange your points with. After that, click on “Continue to checkout” to finish the redemption process.


Collecting the Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes with Ease

Collecting the Pampers gifts to grow codes with Ease

Collecting the Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes with EasePampers has been operating for decades all around the world and has helped millions of mothers in their parenting issues. Not only are its products the highest rated in its field, the overall Pampers experience is out of this world. You can get advice from experts, ask questions and have discussions with mothers just like you.

Throughout years, Pampers has been coming up with great innovative schemes to market its products. Gifts to Grow is yet another very popular marketing scheme that has been initiated by Pampers. Through this reward, people can redeem gifts and points against their purchases of Pampers Diapers.

It is so simple to enter and redeem that it doesn’t even feel like you need to put in any effort to win. Every time you buy a Pampers diaper product for your little angel, look for a code on the pack. The way to enter the codes is to first sign up free for an account on

Collecting the Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes with Ease Gifts From PampersOnce you have your account, simply you just have to enter the Pampers Gifts to Grow codes in the rewards area. This can even be done through your cell phone. Pretty soon you see your points summing up.

To get gifts from Pampers, you can browse through the rewards catalog that is present on the website. You can access it easily through your account. There are a great variety of gifts that you could redeem from your points. Each gift needs a level of points before you can get it.

If you have your eye on one particular gift, then save up on those codes and points to get the gift you like. A few examples of the gifts offered by Pampers gifts to grow codes are a cute poster, discounts on selected products, making donations, entering competitions, etc.

The Pampers website is the best way to keep you updated on how to get the best Pampers gifts to grow codes. It is constantly uploaded with great opportunities and offers for its loyal customers. That’s why Pampers advises its customers to keep returning to their site often so that they don’t miss out on something.

Only recently the Pampers gifts to grow code scheme was extended till December 31st, 2013. So now you have more time to save and collect as many gifts as you can.

Looking at the popularity of the Pampers gift to grow code scheme, many companies are getting themselves affiliated with Pampers. They are giving discounts on their products to market their products along with Pampers.

Collecting the Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes with Ease Help Babies to Grow Healthy and BeautifulPampers has been trying to give babies the best care and has been very successful in doing so. Mothers have been thanking Pampers for decades for making their lives easier. Pampers help babies to grow easier and in a healthy and beautiful manner.

They learn new things every day because they are relaxed and can explore easily. Pampers has promised to keeping making lives easier for babies and their mothers for many more years to come.


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